Commercial Painting


Dunwoody Painters, a privately-owned commercial painting company,  offers top-notch services. For each project, we establish a specific point of contact. Once the project is complete and beyond, our customers can feel completely supported, knowing that their commercial properties are in good hands.

We provide a variety of painting and coating services; and because we have experience in many different industries, we can always meet your needs.


Our professional painting contractors specialize in interior painting, outdoor painting, power washing, color consulting, and more.

Contact us if you want expert painting services for your business property in and around Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, or Brookhaven. We’ll provide you with a precise and accurate quote and complete the work by the estimated timeline. For a complete list of our business painting services, see below:

Repair for Wood Rot: Working with the experts at Dunwoody Painters always makes it easier to guarantee that the wood surfaces on your business building’s outside are professionally fixed and sealed with the right supplies.

Waterproofing materials: Our skilled specialists install waterproofing sealants and coatings to shield your surfaces from the elements.

Repair and painting of vinyl siding: Hiring our commercial painters to repaint vinyl siding restores its look quickly and for a lot less money than installing new panels.

Joint expansion sealing using urethane: When expansion joints are not routinely sealed, factors like rainfall might seep through the concrete and harm your company’s property through erosion or freeze-thaw cycles.

T1-11 Painting Siding: T1-11 is a cheap plywood building material, but it needs to be painted on a regular basis to keep moisture out and keep its beautiful looks.

Painting and repair of stucco: We provide meticulous guidance  on how to handle your stucco job for  commercial customers like you, following a complete examination.

Solutions for stenciling: An excellent approach to bringing attention to your company or commercial building is via stenciling. Commercial stenciling can be applied to walls for decoration or signs, as well as to sidewalks to guide consumers to your establishment.

Painted Rusty Metal Doors: Metal doors in business buildings may frequently be repaired and repainted by  painting contractors without incurring the price of replacement.

Ceiling Coatings: Roof sealing and waterproofing technologies may be applied appropriately to commercial building roofs, pipelines, and other rooftop equipment.

Branding changes and signage: It’s crucial to complete the painting and signs swiftly and accurately when rebranding an establishment. It may require some effort to adequately paint the area with new, lighter, and brighter colors if the previous owners of your building used dark color walls.

Pest Control: Even though it may seem trivial, it’s crucial to seal off tiny, pest-sized openings in a structure. An effective seal prevents the presence of new pests and their related annoyances, like snakes, bats, birds, and others.

Repairing parapets: Our approach to commercial painting services includes restoring parapets that  are more prone to cracking than other stucco exterior components because of their exposure to the environment.

Coating & Repairs by Masonry: When further treated with a protective sealer, many commercial masonry exteriors may maintain their appealing appearance and stop the masonry, terra-cotta, or adobe from deteriorating.

Parking Lot Line Striping: Parking lot line markings are necessary to maintain a well-organized traffic flow, although they can deteriorate with time. Furthermore, fading lines are difficult to discern, while stripes placed at the wrong spacing might obstruct traffic movement on your property.

Light repairs and carpentry: Our team of commercial painters also replaces the outside wood, metal, stucco, or EIFS, as well as the siding and wood.

Paintings inside: We may work with you to develop a fresh vision for your house or select the perfect colors to complement the paint you already have.

Outside Painting: Dunwoody Painters caters to your exterior painting requirements to safeguard your investment, raise the worth of your home, and improve the appearance of your structure.

Floor Epoxy Coatings: As a reliable interior and exterior painting company, we will expertly apply an epoxy coating to extend the life of your flooring, enhance appearance, boost safety, and save overall maintenance costs.

Repair of EIFS: When external insulation and finish systems (EIFS) fracture or chip, leaks or moisture accumulation can occur in the wall cavity. We offer experienced repair services for EIFS.

Repair of Concrete Ceiling: There may be a bigger underlying issue that has to be corrected if you see stains or degradation in the concrete ceiling of your business building.

Waterproofing of Brick: A brick sealer water-repellent can be used to prevent water from penetrating your brick and mortar façade.

Removal and replacement of awnings: Being a trusted commercial painting company, we carefully  remove and replace awnings for your business property in order to guarantee long-term success.


Expert guidance, professional service, flawless finish. Hire Dunwoody painters!