Most common issues you encounter when you’re preparing for an exterior painting task

Editorial Staff
June 1, 2023

Anyone who knows me understands I always state that every home requires a little tender loving care from time to time. No matter how big, little, or old it is, your home needs to feel like one. .

Pricey renovations aside, which might not constantly be useful or affordable, a fresh coat of paint for your house’s exterior can always liven it up.

Before every painting job, you need to get your home gotten ready for its new coat; and although preparing for an exterior painting project sounds basic, it’s not!

There are a few typical issues and concerns you might encounter when preparing your home for an external paint job. If these issues aren’t handled appropriately at the beginning, they can make your task a lot more complicated.

Decomposed wood

Numerous houses here in Dunwoody are standard wood homes.

While wood homes have a great deal of charm to them, decomposed wood might become a substantial problem if the ideal safety measures aren’t taken.

If your home has wood outside walls, you may need to examine and see if the wood is in excellent condition. In older houses, time and exposure to the aspects may cause wood walls wearing out and rotting away. .

This might even be a problem for more recent houses, specifically if the rotting is triggered by a water leak or termites .

When getting ready for an outside painting task, it is essential to make certain that your home’s structural stability is sound. Painting over rotted wood will only be masking the problem, and if the decomposing is caused by a water leak, water could continue to leak into the wood and mess up the paint. .

When the wood gets too rotten, it will begin to break apart, destroying your paint task.

Remove any decayed areas of your walls and change them with new wood panels prior to you begin painting. .

To avoid the wood from decomposing once again, apply about two coats of water resistant sealant. Given that termites can also trigger wood to rot, spray on some borate before using the paint.


Wetness causes salt deposits to start forming on the walls of homes with masonry walls. These deposits build up along the walls triggering damage and making the surface area uneven and bumpy. .

Efflorescence may prevent paint from adhering to your outside walls and can make it hard to use an even and consistent coat of paint. My advice is to get this out of the way prior to you begin painting!

Use a wire brush to scrub away the salt deposits and clean the wall with tidy water.

Put one part of citric acid into seven parts of water (phosphoric acid is more reliable, however it’s not safe to utilize) and wash your wall with the service. .

After that, rinse the wall once again with clean water and seal the wall utilizing an anti-efflorescence primer.

I likewise recommend applying acrylic after you paint the now efflorescence-free location for added security.

Excessive alkalinity in brick walls

If your house has exterior brick walls, you require to watch out for alkalinity problems.

While bricks are usually neutral, the mortar utilized to stick the bricks to each other consists of alkaline mineral salts. These alkalis can impact oil-based paint, causing them to break down after a while.

Prior to you begin painting your house, it’s a great concept to check the pH of your walls. If your exterior walls show high levels of alkalinity– a pH of between 8-14– you will require to get the pH level under control. .

Utilize an alkali-resistant guide to seal away any part of your home’s wall where the alkalinity is too high. Use a layer of cement over this and you ought to be great to go!

Getting ready for an exterior painting job isn’t always easy!

Getting your house prepped for a painting project is the most vital part of any painting project. In this procedure, you might encounter a couple of quirks and issues lurking on your walls that might obstruct of an excellent paint job.

If you require help getting your home prepared for a paint project, turn to your friendly area painting services for guidance.

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