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You must confirm that your gutters are functioning properly if you want to protect your home and belongings. The look of your home could also be enhanced by new gutters. Gutters not only fulfill their essential job, but also enhance the aesthetics of your roof and increase its curb appeal. Even the most stunning houses may seem drab and boring due to old, worn-out gutters, but with a new gutter installation from Dunwoody Painters, your home can be fashionable, useful, and safe.

No matter if you only need a small gutter repair, or it’s time to replace your rain gutters, our team of pros can handle all the hard work for you. We’ll make sure your new or renovated gutters will safeguard your house for many years to come.


Replacing the gutters

You probably don’t think about your gutters very often if you’re a typical homeowner. However, proper gutter installation is essential since it prevents water damage to your home. Guttering prevents rainwater from rolling off your roof and pulling close to the house’s foundation by collecting it. Since 1 inch of rain contains around 2,000 gallons of water, if it is not correctly channeled away from your foundation, it may cause structural damage. If you notice rain running down the edge of your roof or find that your gutter system isn’t functioning correctly as a result, you must immediately call a gutter expert.

We at Dunwoody Painters want to make sure that your property will be protected by your gutter system. We could send a gutter expert to evaluate the condition and propose the best replacement option. The new system will then be installed when the old one is removed. The value and structural integrity of your home will ultimately rise as a result of our excellent gutter repair services.


Gutter Repair at Home

Faulty gutters can cause an excess of moisture from rain, sleet, or snow to collect in your yard, driveway, walkways, and gutters. A lot of stagnant water so near your house might eventually seep into your basement and foundation. If not fixed, this can result in significant damage, safety issues, and even a decrease in the value of your property. The importance of addressing gutter issues as soon as you become aware of them is another reason why we advise a yearly gutter check.


Repair of Emergency Gutters

Your gutters may experience a great deal of additional stress if it rains or blows heavily. If there has recently been a severe downpour in your neighborhood, it’s possible that these harsh elements have damaged your gutters. Tree branches that have fallen can also harm gutters.

An urgent gutter repair may be required if your gutters suffer significant damage. A qualified expert is constantly on call at Dunwoody Painters to handle urgent situations. No matter if there is an emergency, having your gutter system fixed as quickly as possible will save minor problems from growing worse. In certain cases, it can even save you from having to build new gutters.


Rain Gutter Installation Types

Dunwoody Painters offers a selection of common gutter shapes and colors, and you can select from strong materials like:


Gutters made with regular aluminum

Standard aluminum gutters are flexible and strong, making them the most common gutter option for all types of dwellings. The gutter installation procedure is simple, and this material can withstand the worst that nature can dish out. Dunwoody Painters’ gutter specialists are here to assist you if you ever require aluminum gutter repairs or replacements.


Aluminum seamless gutters

A seamless aluminum gutter installation is the best option if you want to improve the look of your house while utilizing aluminum’s advantages. With the seamless design, your gutters will blend in with your home’s current architecture, giving you the advantages of aluminum without detracting from the attractiveness of your house.


Round-Half Gutters

Half-round gutters might offer the durability you need when there isn’t much room around your property. This style of gutter installation may be a terrific accent and uses the least amount of room while yet offering the best drainage. You’ll have fewer issues in wet conditions because the narrow width is typically simpler to maintain clean.


Aluminum Gutters

Consider installing eye-catching copper gutters on your property to make it stand out from others in the neighborhood. When you want dependable performance and a lovely design, this material is the best choice since it resists weather damage and moisture damage. The gutter specialists at Dunwoody Painters can install a range of reasonably priced copper gutter designs.


Put Gutter Guards in Place for Better Protection

Consider the advantages of gutter guards if you’re weary of frequently cleaning your home’s gutters using a ladder. In addition to being a low-maintenance alternative, gutter guards put in by Dunwoody Painters also reduce the chance that water accumulating would harm the foundation of your house. This gutter extension seamlessly integrates with your existing gutter system while enhancing strength, durability, and protection. Gutter guards against Dunwoody Painters can save you from having to clean your gutters ever again.

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Why should you replace your gutters with Dunwoody Painters? 

A dependable contractor for new gutter installation tasks is Dunwoody Painters. We are authorized to work with homes in both states and are properly insured. Any size home may have a gutter system installed by our professionals, and they’ll make sure the system will keep the home safe for many years to come. We are able to create gutters for your home that are trustworthy and durable because we place a high value on top-notch craftsmanship.

We aim to provide excellent customer service. Are you unsure about the gutter design that would work best for your home? Our design professionals are happy to guide you through your options and provide an unbiased assessment. We’re here to help you sort through your selections and provide top-notch installation service.


Installation of Sectional vs. Seamless Gutters

Sectional and seamless gutter systems are the two basic varieties. Sectional gutters are put in discrete pieces, whereas seamless gutters are created from a single component. Dunwoody Painters can take care of your gutter replacement or new installation, regardless of the style you decide is best for your house.


Conventional sectional gutters

Sectional gutters, which fit together in groups, are the norm for most residences. They effortlessly link together to form a system that insulates your house in security. They are made of a range of materials, including vinyl, steel, and aluminum. Because steel is more likely to corrode, non-steel gutters are preferred in general. Additionally, vinyl and aluminum gutters don’t need paint upkeep.


Integrated Gutters

A seamless gutter system, also known as continuous, soldered, or sheet metal gutters, eliminates the possibility of failure since the gutters are built from a single coil of aluminum. Because of its construction, seamless gutters are less prone to disintegrate than sectional gutters and are simpler to install. A covering that shields the material against rot, mold, and erosion is also present.


Materials provided by our Gutter Contractors 

Installation of Gutters

Dunwoody Painters strives to make the gutter installation process simple. As soon as we start talking about installing new gutters or replacing old ones, we’ll be here to answer any concerns you might have regarding the materials and drainage strategies. Discover more about our installation’s steps.


Initially Consulted

You will view the styles and materials that are offered throughout this process, allowing you to make educated decisions. In order to provide you with a precise quote, we’ll also find out as much as we can about your house. Contact us right now to begin your project.


Calculate and Get Ready

We’ll send a professional to your house to measure your roof once you select the design and components for your new gutter installation. To decide which fascia and soffits require replacement, we’ll look at them closely. Because all of these elements work together to shield your property from rainfall, this step is essential. We can prepare the sectional or seamless gutters to fit around your roof using the measurements.


Gutter Installation and Removal

Before we install the new system, the old gutters must be removed if our gutter specialists are replacing them. At this time, we’ll also fix or replace any broken fascia or soffits. The new gutters will then be hung and secured to the fascia with the proper slope. The downspouts will then be installed and brackets will be used to keep them attached to your home.



We’ll check in with you once our specialists have installed your gutters to make sure everything went well. This follow-up is a component of our dedication to offering first-rate customer service.


Cost factors for installing gutters

Before you begin the job, it’s beneficial to take into account the variables that determine the price of a new gutter installation, whether you’re on a budget. One of the most important criteria is the size of your home. In general, the job will cost more, and your gutter system will need to be longer the greater your roof is.

Other significant elements that will affect the cost of your project are the gutters’ materials and design. While the cost of sectional and seamless gutters is almost the same, seamless gutters could cost a little more. Remember that using materials like aluminum or vinyl will be less expensive than using copper and steel. For a gutter system to work effectively, connecting elements like brackets and elbows are necessary. Additionally, downspouts that flow onto your yard instead of underground or with additional drainage will cost more to install.

Another thing to keep in mind is that replacing an existing gutter system will take more work than just installing a new one. Your gutter installation estimate from Dunwoody Painters takes into account the time and labor that our professionals will put in. To begin, get in touch with us today!



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