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Utilizing Specialty Paint: 3 Tips

You might not be aware that there are specific paints available for your house if it has been a while since you attempted an interior painting project. What is specialty paint, you ask? These paints are intended for a particular use and typically include additives not found in regular paint. These paints are frequently utilized for particular rooms in the house and generally offer a distinctive texture, color, or purpose. We’ll talk about the most popular types of specialty paint today, along with some possible applications.

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dunwoody paintersEditorial Staff at Dunwoody Painters is a team of painting experts has the knowledge and skills to handle any job. We specialize in interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet painting, deck staining, deck repairs, fence staining, commercial painting, residential painting, and light carpentry repairs.

Paint with Texture
As homeowners seek fresh painting concepts, textured paint has become more and more well-liked in recent years. These paints use a medium, such as sand or another filler, to give the paint a texture in addition to shine. These paints frequently have a flat or matte finish and may call for unique application methods. Since they may give extremely unique colors that aren't available elsewhere, many of these paints are regarded as "designer" paints. These paints are often used as is and shouldn't be diluted because they are frequently created to mimic other materials like leather. These paints are popular in areas where visitors congregate, such as living rooms and dens. But because of their texture, these paints can be more challenging to touch up and more challenging to maintain.
Paint with Mildew and Mold Resistance
Paints that are resistant to mold and mildew basically encapsulate the surface and frequently also contain an antibacterial ingredient. These paints may be used anywhere in the house, but are especially for hot, humid locations like restrooms. These paints provide a long-lasting surface akin to caulk that dries more thoroughly than ordinary paint. Mold and mildew are significantly decreased since moisture cannot penetrate the paint. These paints do, however, have a disadvantage with textured paints in that touch-ups may be more noticeable.
Glowing paint and a blackboard
These paints are typically found in children's bedrooms, as you may have imagined. For instance, blackboard paint dries to a surface that resembles a blackboard and allows for the easy addition of and removal of writing. Even though this kind of specialty paint is versatile, it is typically applied sparingly. Another well-liked specialty paint frequently contains phosphorescent powder, which makes the paint shine at night. This kind of paint, which is frequently used on ceilings to resemble a night sky, is highly popular among young children.

Service for Removing Textured Ceilings

Although textured ceilings formerly topped trends lists, they are rarely found in contemporary homes. This type of ceiling can be quite challenging to remove on your own. Luckily, Dunwoody Painters specializes in this kind of work. We can assist you whether you want to remove these ceilings from your house or if you merely want to repaint a room with them.

  • Delete the fixtures: Remove your fixtures, furniture, and light switches from the space
  • Cover the Floor & Walls: Putting heavy-duty plastic sheets over the flooring and walls
  • Ceiling Prior: Spraying a little mist of water on the surface will make it simple to remove the texture.
  • Skim Coat: To achieve a smooth, adequately prepared surface for painting, skim-coat any damaged areas before sanding.
  • Ceiling painted: Apply a brand-new layer of paint primer before applying the color of your choosing.
  • Removal of textured ceiling : The experienced inside painters at Dunwoody Painters are skilled at removing textured ceilings. We have finished projects all across the South Arlington, Texas, region.

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