How to Paint a Deck? Full Deck Painting Process

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May 15, 2024

Enhancing the longevity and look of the outdoor space starts with proper deck maintenance. If you have a long or short dick, it is essential that you properly maintain it to ensure elevating the look. Deck is probably one of the most common places where we gather and enjoy togetherness.

You need to ensure that your deck is properly maintained so that you can enjoy fantastic gatherings with your friends and family. When it comes to deck maintenance, it is essential to either stain or paint your deck and get a refreshing look.

before deck painting

Deck painting is not only about enhancing the aesthetic appeal, but it tends to improve the overall longevity of the exterior space. Hiring a painting contractor offering exterior painting services can be your go-to resource to find the right approach. If this is the first time you’re about to go for staining or painting, we hope that this guide will be valuable. Here are the processes that you need to follow to get a successful result.

Call a Professional

In the US, you will most commonly find some of the most common kinds of decks made with varieties of wood. Some of them include redwood, cedar, pine, and others with composite materials. Each deck type has a unique challenge and benefits in terms of its maintenance. It is important to understand the cost of painting and staining a deck is extremely crucial before moving ahead.

Revitalizing the exterior part of your home, especially the deck, requires proper analysis before making a decision. There are many people who are unable to understand whether they would choose a DIY approach or call professionals offering exterior painting services to maintain your deck.

If you have a restricted budget, a DIY approach might seem viable for you. However, as you already know, it requires specific knowledge and tools; it is labor-intensive work, and you have to make sure you choose a professional. If you want to give a new look and do not want to get anything damaged, you require hiring a painting contractor for deck maintenance.

Given the complexity, nothing can be more beneficial than choosing professionals as they are well aware of the different kinds of decks, especially the types of wood, choose the right tool, and provide you with the estimation before they begin work. However, if you do not have an extended deck and it is only tiny, you can choose a DIY approach. You can quickly gather deck maintenance tips and follow them for your small deck to maintain its look over time.

Should You Go for Painting or Staining

Choosing between deck staining vs painting can be a very crucial decision for homeowners who are looking forward to adding a refreshing look to their exterior. As the deck is an important part of the outdoor living space, it is important to make decisions accordingly. Deck painting and staining often have a lot of protective benefits, along with providing aesthetic enhancement, but there are several reasons why choosing to paint your deck is a superior choice.

Painting generally involves a range of processes. It needs hiring a professional contractor as you need to remove the existing deck paint before starting with the other process. Deck painting is a comprehensive process where the professionals initially remove the existing deck paint, smoothen the base by sanding the deck and cleaning it properly, look for damaged wood and get it replaced with new one, pressure wash the entire deck, and ultimately use a fresh coat of painting and let it dry.

The quality of the paint will play a great role in understanding the longevity of the deck area. The best part is that when you choose high-quality paint, it does not require repainting in the next 6 to 10 years.

On the other hand, deck staining is a little bit different from painting. It does not include the process of painting, but it provides a natural look that highlights the texture and grain of wood. It follows the same method of deck painting except for applying a fresh coat of paint.

Remember that painting is not only about improving the aesthetic appeal, but it also adds a thick layer of paint that can protect the wood from getting damaged due to weather changes. Staining can be chosen, but it requires frequent reapplication within 2 to 3 years to maintain the appeal and ensure the endurance of the deck.

If you have a smaller deck, you can choose to paint the deck by yourself rather than looking for professional painters. However, it is important for you to properly analyze the kind of wood and follow the steps to get the best results. Hiring a deck painter near you is the best step to ensure longevity and enhancement of appeal.

Preparing a Wood Deck for Paint

Wooden decks are not just painted immediately. It requires a lot of preparations to ensure that the bonding is created between the wooden decks and the paint. Hiring a professional contractor would make sure to follow all the processes to create the bonding and ensure the longevity of the wooden deck.

If you are about to create a new deck or replace the entire thing with a new set of wooden decks, professionals will immediately replace it with new wooden frames and start the painting process.

However, if you have an old deck that has some damage and requires repair work, professionals will properly analyze it before they start the painting job. This might add extra cost for the repair work depending on the extent and type. It requires quite a range of steps to ensure the bonding and longevity of the deck.

Remove the existing paint: The professionals generally start by scraping off the old paint so that it becomes easy to bond the new paint with the deck. Scraping off the paint is a necessity for deck painting. It is especially recommended when you have an old deck. This process is a must before applying the paint, as removing the existing paint would ensure the bond between the new paint and bare wood is created.

Clean / Sanding a Deck: Once the professionals have removed the existing deck paint, they use sand rough edges to get a smooth finish. It requires thorough rubbing of the deck to make it smooth for the process. This is further done as it helps to remove more giant strips of paint and ensure that the wood is bare and ready to paint. It is an extension of the removal of existing paint.

Pressure washing: Once sanding is done, the deck painter will start looking for damaged boards. If there are any damaged parts, they will be removed and replaced with new ones. Once done, the professionals will pressure wash the deck before starting with the ultimate painting task. Pressure washing is not only a step to clean the deck; it is also a need to scrape off the existing particles and ensure a smooth and ready-to-paint finish.

Start Painting the Deck

Once the deck is clean and ready to bond with a fresh coat of paint, the painter prepare the paint, apply it throughout the deck, and leaves it for a few days to dry. Maintaining your deck would require you to properly paint it with a fresh coat of high-quality paint. We always suggest you use paint on your deck as it improves the longevity of the wood. As there are climatic changes, your deck requires you to have a shield to keep it protected from rain, snow, and heat. With deck painting done with high-quality paints, you can ensure the best results and do not require frequent repainting.

after deck painting

If you’re looking forward to hiring a painting contractor who offers exterior painting services and deck maintenance tips, Dunwoody Painters is here to offer you comprehensive assistance. With decades of experience and working in different locations, we have gathered ample expertise and knowledge. We are not only a painting contractor, but we provide services from consultation to completing the job for your 100% satisfaction.

If you want to know the cost of painting a deck or the cost of deck repairs, you can immediately get in touch with us. Remember that we don’t ask for money until the work is completed, and we provide two years of warranty on all the painting jobs.

How Much Does Deck Painting Cost?

Deck Size (in Sq Feet) Average Cost in the USA
80 $160 to $400.
100 $200 to $500
120 $240 to $600
200 $400 to $1,000
144 $280 to $700
240 $480 to $1,200
256 $512 to $1,280
320 $640 to $1,600
400 $800 to $2,000
576 $1,152 to $2,880
900 $1,800 to $4,500

Note: The prices can vary according to the complexity, wood type, location, and painting contractors. For detailed pricing and estimates, you can call Dunwoody Painters.

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