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Services for Staining Decks

One of the most important parts of your home is the deck. It’s where you enjoy breezy summer nights with your family while having a BBQ with your friends and neighbors on the weekends. The material used for your deck should be strong and able to endure both winter weather and summer storms. The easiest way to protect your deck is to stain it often. Numerous homeowners have benefited from the expertise of Dunwoody Painters’ deck staining specialists in maintaining the visual appeal and weather resistance of their decks.


Depending on your requirements, expert deck staining services could include:

Our services consist of:

About Editorial Staff

dunwoody paintersEditorial Staff at Dunwoody Painters is a team of painting experts has the knowledge and skills to handle any job. We specialize in interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet painting, deck staining, deck repairs, fence staining, commercial painting, residential painting, and light carpentry repairs.

We will start by removing any trash, gravel, and paint chips from your surface.
Power Wash
To ensure that the surface is ready for stain or paint, we power wash it entirely.
Any elevated or loose parts will, if necessary, be sanded to achieve a smooth surface.
Stain or Paint
The next step is to paint or stain your surface with high-quality paint.

Services for Staining Decks

Staining your deck will prolong its life by avoiding decay and insect infestation, in addition to highlighting the wood grain and enhancing its overall beauty. Additionally, deck staining will stop the wood from collecting moisture, which can freeze and result in expensive damage.

There are many alternatives available when it comes to selecting deck stain colors, ranging from natural-looking transparent wood stains to strong solid colors. When choosing one for your project, keep in mind that a transparent stain will highlight the wood grain and a solid color will only partially expose the wood’s true color.

Due to the misconception that pressure-treated wood cannot be stained, many homeowners leave their wood as is. That is not the situation. Stains come in a wide range of hues that can enhance the appearance of treated wood. All decks, whether pressure-treated or previously stained, can be stained.


Prices for Deck Staining Services

Prices for stains might vary. Deck repair, sanding, and power washing are influencing factors that have an impact on the cost. By getting in touch with our team of professionals at Dunwoody Painters, you can obtain a fair and reasonable quotation for deck staining services.


When Should Your Deck Be Re-Stained

Periodically, homeowners should re-stain their decks. The following variables will affect how long your deck stain lasts:

  • The weather: Because it can cause the stain to dry out and weather considerably more quickly, direct sunlight poses the most threat to your deck. Rain can also harm your deck, especially if it hasn’t been treated. When the temperature drops, the water in the wood may freeze, producing fissures. Your deck can get a little weaker with each cycle of the seasons.
  • Foot traffic: Your deck won’t start to show signs of wear for several months after you’ve applied a decent deck stain. The stain will gradually start to fade when the tiny dirt particles from people’s shoes scrape against the deck’s surface like sandpaper.

When should the deck stain be reapplied?

Full protection from your deck stain will only last for three to four years, but you may extend its impact by adding another layer after that time. It is best for your deck, nevertheless, to avoid using too many applications of stain. You should take off the previous stain and add two new coats after four years. The wood will get stronger and healthier as a result.


Ideas for Deck Staining

You may apply stain in a variety of ways to give your deck a distinctive appearance. Utilizing two colors—one dark for the main deck and one lighter for accents—is one option. You might want to paint your deck as well. A good acrylic paint may do this. Before painting, you must also apply a primer.


The services we can offer are:

  • Fence Staining
  • Natural Wood Stain
  • Dark Stain
  • Two Tone Stain
  • Painted Rails

Deck staining company services

It typically only takes 2–4 hours to stain an ordinary deck when the conditions are ideal. You should wait a day to use your deck after applying the stain, since it might take up to 4 hours for every 100 square feet to dry.

It’s essential to work with a qualified deck staining business. If someone stains your deck without the necessary expertise and skill, they could not properly prepare the surface. They can apply the stain unevenly or with the incorrect sort of stain. All of these errors might compromise your deck’s structural integrity as well as its aesthetic appeal. Painting inside walls is not the same as staining a deck. It may be quite expensive to remove undesirable stains.


Services for painting and staining fences

Dunwoody Painters can assist with all kinds of fence painting and staining tasks, in addition to aiding with deck painting and staining. The kind and state of the fence on your property will determine the best strategy for your project. The best approach to learn about your options and obtain price details for your job is to schedule a free estimate meeting with a Dunwoody Painters specialist.

Be careful to conduct some study before settling on a popular color and stain because there are many possibilities available. If you need assistance perusing the possibilities, we may assist with color picking. The following are common fence hues:

  • Dark gray
  • Variations of green
  • Discolored fences
  • White fence with paint

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Deck Staining Projects

Depending on the factors the deck is exposed to, deck staining should be done once every two to three years. Staining is necessary to prolong the life of your deck. Over time, stains fade, enabling water to reach the wood and lead to rotting or mold growth.

Many of our independently owned and managed Dunwoody Painters franchisees may perform minor carpentry repairs if the damage is not structural.

No, you are not necessary to be present at home when the staff works. It is ideal to have someone there when the project first begins.

Popular stain colors include lighter hues like cedar and oak, as well as reddish-orange tones like redwood and mahogany.

A deck can be stained without first sanding it. Sanding doesn't always have to be done, but it may improve the appearance and feel of the deck. Your neighborhood painting crew will talk about the greatest prepping methods based on the demands of your particular project while putting together your estimate.



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