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For Brick, Stone, and Any Masonry, a Truly Different Lime Wash


The project’s purview:

Interior and outdoor brick and stone surfaces were painted with Romabio Classico Lime Wash by Dunwoody Painters. Here are some reasons why we believe it to be superior to the paint or the smear method.

Brick exteriors that have been whitewashed are stunning and exude an inviting Old World charm. They appear to be recently painted, yet the warmth and richness of the brick remain, since some of it is still visible. The renowned whitewash appearance in Europe was developed through hundreds of years of manual limewash applications, but you can now get this lovely and natural-looking aesthetic in only one day. Limewash is particularly prepared to be applied like conventional paint and is matured like a good wine before being slaked. It is an actual slaked-lime paint that can be promptly wiped off to provide the desired exposed brick effect, unlike any other paint or whitewash procedure. It is meant to endure on the exterior and calcifies to a rock-solid surface so it won’t peel, chip, or flake off with no care, unlike acrylic paint or the German smear technique employing mortar. With only one coat that you apply and wash off, it will give your house the aesthetic you want.


How we completed it:

There is often no need for a second primer since limewash may be applied in a single, simple application. In order to prepare, clean, and paint your surface all on the same day, Dunwoody dampens the brick surface right before painting. The greatest results are obtained when using a typical paint sprayer or a sizable masonry brush.

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Fewer and easier to maintain repaints
Due to Classico Limewash's high levels of permeability and respiration, it calcifies to the brick and leaves behind an incredibly tough surface that won't peel, crack, or flake. It can endure decades without needing to be painted again or maintain the finish, since it will continue to patina with time. The paint has a high pH and is naturally mold- and UV-resistant, which helps the color retain its richness and quality over time.
Removable for Stress-Free
After using Classico Limewash, it may be removed with a wipe or a wash. Up to five days after the original application, the whole application can be simply removed with a high-force pressure washer. As a result, you may try the product on the stone surface and take it off if you want a different look. Due to its extremely flat surface, it can also be touched up with ease, making the procedure less stressful. View the local uses of this fantastic product in a restaurant and a sizable house.



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