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Commercial Stucco Repair and Painting

Stucco demands skill and knowledge to repair and paint for long-lasting durability on your commercial property. The experts at the locally run, independently owned Dunwoody Painters will make sure the procedure is well-thought-out and executed. The experts at Dunwoody Painters have over 25 years of expertise, so they know how to assess your business property and do the work flawlessly every time.


Painting and Repair of Commercial Stucco Done Correctly by Professional Contractors

A popular external coating for many structures, stucco is a plaster made of cement or lime. Beautiful, strong, and long-lasting stucco may last for many years. Having said that, weather can be difficult on the exterior of any building. Stucco must be maintained year after year to retain its appearance as well as that of your business property owing to fading colors from sun exposure, blistering from heat or storms, cracking from aging, and age-related cracks and chipping. Each year, thousands of building owners and managers who manage commercial properties turn to Dunwoody Painters as a trusted, recommended resource.


Repairing the Exterior of Your Commercial Stucco

Stucco repairs on commercial buildings are difficult to do. Professional advice on the best ways to tackle your particular job is given to business customers like you following a comprehensive assessment by the experts at Dunwoody Painters. They will prepare and repaint your stucco surface for great results in both aesthetic and long-lasting durability with a precise proposal, strategy, and timeline.

You will soon notice that time wears down the exterior of your company or commercial property, just like so many other exteriors do. Even seemingly little hairline fractures in your stucco may seriously harm a structure. Stucco can break due to the sinking of commercial buildings, and weather extremes including heat, rain, snow, and flooding can fade or discolor the surface. Moisture can enter stucco, which is another factor that can require painting and repair. Building exteriors might sustain damage to the property’s framework in an abnormally rainy environment. Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly evaluate and, where necessary, fix stucco defects.

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Is Painting Commercial Stucco a Smart Investment?

Dunwoody Painters can assist when looking for experienced, qualified exterior stucco painters or when you require stucco repair. Perhaps the exterior stucco on your home is peeling, which is why you want to hire professional painters to paint it. Since paint is porous, when water gets behind it, it peels. Additionally, since the paint won’t adhere effectively, you cannot stucco over previously painted stucco. However, if the stucco behind the paint has held up, it may be repainted to elegantly modernize the appearance of your house. A painted stucco structure will look good for years to come if it is properly done.


Understanding Stucco’s Benefits and Drawbacks for Commercial Properties

In addition to being a durable and aesthetically pleasing building material, stucco has several advantages that go above and beyond its resilience to wind and harsh weather.

Here are a few further advantages that stucco offers:

  • Creates aesthetically pleasing exterior building improvements
  • Painting costs little and is frequently sufficient to restore a pleasing appearance.
  • Very fire-resistant
  • In contrast to siding, stucco deters insects.
  • Cheaper than more expensive commercial construction supplies like brick, stone, and glass
  • Reduces outside noise. Especially beneficial if your establishment is located close to a major roadway

Stucco on the outside should never be painted with oil-based paint. But good options include masonry paint, elastomeric paint, and acrylic paint. The permeability rating is the most crucial factor to pay attention to. Professional painting companies like Dunwoody Painters would be pleased to guide you. You will always receive a thorough quote for painting stucco from Dunwoody Painters.

It is crucial that industry experts maintain your stucco when it comes to stucco. Stucco care mistakes can cause far bigger and more expensive problems. A wise investment in appropriate stucco repair and painting is for office and commercial buildings.

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