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Repairing Plasterboard Professionally

The home painting professionals at Dunwoody Painters have the training necessary to replace or repair your plasterboard and refinish the surface with any color of paint, wallpaper or custom finish that you like. Dunwoody Painters is your one-stop shop for all your plasterboard restoration needs, from little punch-through holes to hanging new plasterboard panels, cutting, attaching, and providing a final skim coating and sanding.

Dunwoody Painters has developed a solid reputation as a business by providing exceptional customer service. In order to provide you with the finest possible final job, Dunwoody Painters can help you with your home’s plasterboard restoration needs before the paint of your choice is put on the walls and before the surface preparation is accomplished.


Typical Drywall Issues

Drywall damage is a common problem that can be difficult to fix at home for many homeowners. This meticulous repair takes a lot of time and attention to detail. If neglected, it may cause your walls’ look to be uneven and unattractive or, worse, suffer structural damage. Our Dunwoody Painters’ home painting specialists have years of drywall restoration knowledge, which makes it simple for them to provide flawless solutions swiftly and effectively.

Several causes can damage drywall, leaving varying numbers of holes, cracks, dents, and wet spots behind. Among the most typical kinds of drywall damage are:

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Unintentional, powerful collisions, such as someone falling into a wall or a door bursting open, are typical sources of holes. You may be looking at anything from a minor puncture to a grave crater, depending on what caused the hit.
A piece of drywall may come off when everything affixed to the wall is removed, including tiling, wallpaper, and even fixtures like mirrors.
Moisture-related harm & water
Water damage degrades the structural integrity of the drywall and can potentially pose a health risk. It is typically brought about by leaking pipes. Moisture in the walls or ceilings can cause other issues like cracks and loosened joint tape, even if there are no obvious-wet patches.
Popping Nails
The most frequent cause of this is when a nail pops through the drywall because it was not tightly fastened to a joint or stud.
Corner beads with dents
A metal component known as a corner bead is used to link two drywall sheets together at a corner. Impact or normal wear and tear might cause it to dent.
Scuffs on furniture
Careless handling of furniture can result in holes in the drywall or, at worst, pencil-like markings.

Benefits of Drywall Repair

The major advantage of restoring drywall for many homeowners is purely aesthetic. Damaged drywall usually stands out a lot and degrades a wall’s overall appeal. While some people would rather just conceal the damage with a wall hanging or piece of furniture, doing so would have other significant advantages.

For starters, some types of damage, such as cracks and damp areas, might result in structural problems that may compromise the structural soundness of your house. If you ever want to relocate your furniture or sell your home, even little dents and holes will need to be fixed. Postponing the repair nearly always results in additional damage over time, which means you may have to spend more in the long run.


Drywall Primer for Painting

After a repair, priming the drywall is a crucial process that should never be skipped. Because drywall has a natural grain, painting straight over the skim coat won’t provide a completely level surface. Sanding down, wiping, cleaning, and lastly putting a drywall primer/sealer are all steps in the drywall priming process. In addition to providing a flawlessly smooth surface for painting, this adheres to the drywall and stops paint from soaking into the wall.

All these essential procedures for a flawless finish are usually included in our Dunwoody Painters drywall repair services. The drywall priming procedure will undoubtedly change based on the scope of the restoration. If the hole is simply a tiny one, the primer will be painted or rolled straight over the spackle or drywall compound. Re-priming the wall completely is typically required for larger repairs and replacements.


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The drywall in a room may be easily and quickly updated if you use our Dunwoody Painters drywall repair services. To totally alter space with a fresh coat of paint, whether you just want a subtle update or a comprehensive color overhaul, you can also combine this with our interior painting services.


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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Plasterboard Repair Projects

What method of drywall restoration is required will depend on the kind of damage. Minor dents and dings may be covered with spackle and paint. Drywall that has been impacted or water-damaged will be taken out and fixed with new drywall pieces. Following moderate sanding, repairs are completed with a fresh coat of complementary paint.

Depending on the severity of the damage, drywall restoration costs might vary. Make an appointment for an estimate with your neighborhood independently owned and managed Dunwoody Painters franchise business to receive exact pricing for your particular job.

A frequent component of interior painting tasks is drywall repairs. The majority of independently owned and run Dunwoody Painters franchised organizations provide plasterboard repair services, however, some don't. For price and details on your particular job, speak with the independently owned Dunwoody Painters shop closest to you.

Repairs and replacements are often only required if the wall has sustained some damage. The most frequent kinds of drywall damage are scratches, mold, water damage, and impact damage. Repairs are required if any of these issues exist in order to revive the wall's appearance.

Typically, drywall tape and joint compound are used to fix drywall cracks. The surface is smoothed over for a uniform finish when the compound dries.



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