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Wallpaper Removal Services

Services for removing wallpaper

It takes a long, difficult, and laborious procedure to remove wallpaper. It’s also a hard one that, if carried out poorly by a person lacking the requisite skill, causes unnecessary harm to your walls that is tough to fix. Customers trust Our Services because we consistently produce excellent outcomes.

Our teams employ the best equipment for wallpaper removal, ranging from basic scraping and sanding tools to powerful industrial steamers. They will complete the task quicker and more effectively than any DIY enthusiast due to their many years of professional experience.


This service includes all necessary steps, such as:


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dunwoody paintersEditorial Staff at Dunwoody Painters is a team of painting experts has the knowledge and skills to handle any job. We specialize in interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet painting, deck staining, deck repairs, fence staining, commercial painting, residential painting, and light carpentry repairs.

Wallpaper Removal
In order to avoid causing any harm to your home's walls, we remove old wallpaper by gently lifting the paper so we do not damage the walls of your home.
With a skim coat and sanding, remove surface abrasions and other flaws and smooth the surface.
After washing the wall, a new priming layer of paint is put on.
Wall Painting
The new paint color is applied to the walls if you decide on a new color for them.

It takes a long, difficult, and laborious procedure to remove wallpaper

Because of this, our clients have discovered that hiring Dunwoody Painters readily saves more time and work than the price of standard wallpaper removal services.


Prices for wallpaper removal services

The following elements affect how much it will cost to remove wallpaper from your home:

  • The room’s size.
  • Length of time the wallpaper has been up.
  • How much adhesive was applied to the previous wallpaper?
  • The walls’ configuration and shape.

It is important to contact Dunwoody Painters for a free estimate on your specific task in order to obtain an exact sense of our rates. We’ll provide an estimate for combination works that involve wallpaper removal, color consultations, or painting services depending on your specific needs.

These integrated solutions are frequently very efficient in terms of time, money, and both since these jobs are occasionally delivered in short succession or on the same day.


Services for painting and removing wallpaper

After the wallpaper has been removed, you might wish to completely avoid the area. A wonderful method to smoothly transition from wallpaper to paint in one job is to combine our wallpaper removal and painting services. Following the removal of the wallpaper, we guarantee that the area is fully prepared for painting with a skim coat and any required touch-ups, giving you a smooth surface with all the options of a brand-new wall.

This implies that you are free to experiment with paint’s numerous possibilities. To choose a jaw-dropping new color for your walls, you may ask for color advice. You can also research various creative painting techniques, such as fake painting and patterned effects. The options are unlimited. You could even add wallpaper to one focal wall and paint the rest walls a complementary color for a very customized appearance.



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