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Services for Professional Power Washing

Power washing is a crucial step in preparing outside surfaces so that house paint may be applied on the cleanest surface possible.  Depending on your property and the type of project, Dunwoody Painters painting services may employ a variety of power washing techniques. Power washing is possible on:

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Bricks
  • Aluminum


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Your painting endeavor will start off successful thanks to power washing from Dunwoody Painters. Your property will have the appearance and feel of a newly built home because to the accuracy and skill of Dunwoody Painters!


The Basis of Our Exterior Paint Process Is Power Washing

Dunwoody Painters typically follows a five-step method when painting an exterior: washing, surface preparation, painting, cleaning, and inspection. Washing is the initial stage in the entire procedure, and it removes old paint, oil, and mould so that fresh paint can adhere to your surface better.

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dunwoody paintersEditorial Staff at Dunwoody Painters is a team of painting experts has the knowledge and skills to handle any job. We specialize in interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet painting, deck staining, deck repairs, fence staining, commercial painting, residential painting, and light carpentry repairs.

Power Wash
To get rid of filth and mildew, the outside of your property will need to be power washed or hand cleaned as necessary.
To stop water entry, any loose paint is scraped off, shiny parts are scuffed sanded, and any cracks are caulked.
Prior to applying high-quality paint to the outside of your home, the repaired areas are primed to produce a consistent surface.
The painting staff does a thorough clean-up of your property at the conclusion of each day, making sure that all paint chips are picked up and the supplies are arranged properly.
Your job site supervisor will take you on a tour of the area following our own inspection so you may examine our work and offer any preliminary criticism.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Power Washing Services

The majority of homes should include power washing in their regular maintenance programmed. Every six to twelve months, or more frequently if the outside is obviously unclean, is when we advise homeowners to power wash their homes.

Power washing is a common aspect of getting ready to paint. Driveways, decks, and other surfaces consisting of wood, concrete, asphalt, and brick may all be power washed.

Yes, employing excessive pressure or utilizing power washing equipment incorrectly can harm your home's surfaces. It's critical to comprehend the appropriate pressure for the surface being cleaned. Trusting experts is therefore the wisest course of action.



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