5 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices in the USA

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May 22, 2024

The kitchen is known as the heart of any home, hotel, or restaurant. Whether it is your home kitchen or commercial kitchen, it requires proper storage and the use of the right colors to make it a stunning culinary heaven. Cabinets are undoubtedly one of the most critical aspects of every kitchen as they increase storage and improve kitchen functionality. However, without the right color, your kitchen might not look the way you anticipated.

So, if you have started looking for cabinet painting professionals, you will get great services. But it equally requires you to make the right choice of colors as it makes all the difference. With the right kitchen painting experts or specialists, you will get consultation and customized services according to your unique requirements.

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Apart from getting help from kitchen painting specialists, it is equally important that you do some research and find the most fantastic cabinet colors. To ensure that your kitchen keeps motivating you and has a sophisticated touch. We have created the top five best kitchen cabinet painting colors that you can choose.

Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Colors Choices in the USA

Most homeowners these days, are looking forward to improving the overall look and feel of their kitchen. However, it generally requires deciding according to the space and natural light you get. If you get a lot of natural light in your kitchen, it would require different paint, while the areas that do not get much natural light would need different colors. Professional painting contractors like Dunwoody Painters offering exterior and interior painting services, can help you with color consultation according to your unique space requirements.

But here, we will take a look into the top five most trending cabinet colors for the kitchen.

Earthy Green

Earthy greens are one of the top choices for kitchen cabinet painting. They generally include olive and sage, which create a natural and calming ambiance. The shades work properly in spaces that receive plenty of natural light and add a refreshing touch to your home kitchen. You can pair the greens with wooden countertops or brass hardware to create a sophisticated look. Most kitchen painting experts recommend maintaining these uses for timeless appeal.

Rich Browns

Rich Browns are again a comeback for Interior painting. This color palette provides a sophisticated and cozy feel to your kitchen. It is especially a good choice for a larger kitchen with open floor plans. Brown cabinets generally add warmth and depth to the entire room. Whether you choose deep chocolate or walnut satin kitchen painting, the color works fantastically with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops. Cabinet painting professionals will usually suggest using a high paint sheen to enhance the richness of this color.

Dark Blues

Dark blues can be midnight or navy blue, bringing a sense of drama and luxury to any kitchen. The bold hues can be the perfect choice if you want to create a modern and chic-looking interior residential or commercial kitchen. To balance the dark tones, it is usually suggested to choose lighter, countertops and backslash. Choosing kitchen painting experts from Dunwoody Painters can provide you with a flawless finish to enhance the elegance of these shades.

⁠Warm Taupe

If you are someone who generally prefers soft kitchen cabinet painting with neutral palettes, warm beige and taupe can be a fantastic choice. These colors provide an inviting and cozy atmosphere, which makes your kitchen feel like the heart of your home. This can be usually very effective for smaller kitchens where lighter tones of colors can make the kitchen look spacious and larger. Even if you’re doing kitchen cabinet restoration, for smaller kitchens, try using light colors to increase the spacious appeal.

Bold Black

Bold black kitchen cabinets are a reflection of style and sophistication. Most kitchen painting specialists would suggest such colors if you want a sophisticated look. Black is a striking color and is a great choice to create a contrasting look when paired with gold hardware and white countertops. It is usually suggested to create a timeless appeal and can create a solid and bold statement. It is usually a good choice for open kitchens with a lot of space as it elevates the overall elegance of the space.

3 Kitchen Colors Combinations You Can Try

To ensure that you can create a fantastic kitchen cabinet restoration, you have to make sure that you choose the perfect combination of colors. While there can be several combinations, professional painting contractors like Dunwoody Painters would generally suggest selecting the following.

Olive Green & Black

The combination of olive green and black for interior painting, especially in your kitchen, creates sophisticated aesthetics. Olive green cabinets create a refreshing look and give a touch of nature, while black is known for being an accentuating color that adds drama and depth. You can also add rustic wooden elements like open shelves and countertops to introduce texture and warmth to your kitchen.

Olive green cabinets with black hardware and light fixtures and rustic wooden countertops or shelves.

Blue and White

The next classic combination for kitchen cabinet restoration and cabinet painting is the combination of blue, white, and warm wood. The blue and white combination is known for creating a bright and clean atmosphere, and when you add warm wooden color or element to it, it creates a balance and coziness with the cold tones. The palette is known for being a perfect choice for traditional and modern kitchens.

You can opt for soft blue on the lower cabinets or island, white on the upper cabinets or walls, and warm wood on the countertops, flooring, or open shelves.

Sage Green and Cream

When you pair sage green with green color, it is a great choice. Suppose you want to create a welcoming and serene kitchen atmosphere. The combination becomes a perfect choice for people who mostly prefer neutral pallets or softer tones. It still adds a bit of color. The green gives a fresh and calming wine, while the cream color adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the kitchen. Whether it is a commercial kitchen or a home kitchen, this combination for kitchen cabinet painting is a great choice.

You can use sage green for the lower cabinets or island and cream. Color accents with neutral materials like wooden and marble countertops can add depth.

You must choose the right color combination according to the space and natural lights available in your kitchen. Choosing kitchen painting experts like Dunwoody Painters, offering comprehensive exterior and interior painting services, ensures exclusive outcomes. With years of knowledge and experience working in different kitchen cabinet restoration services, we make sure to provide exceptional combinations.

Not only are we professional painting contractors offering interior and exterior residential painters, but we also provide comprehensive consultation services on colors.

Our visiting your site helps us gain a clear understanding of your home space. We take a look at the kitchen and help you with color selection and comprehensive checking for 100% satisfaction. You can get in touch with us for any kind of painting services, and we ensure the desired outcome with two years of additional warranty.

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